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P o c k e t M a g i c Entertainment

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Our company was established in March 1987, Pocket Magic Entertainment is a Production Company dedicated to producing film, television and theatrical projects.  Our production team is comprised of established filmmakers, producers, directors, writers, animators, as well as experts in marketing, merchandising and management. Every project we do is a separate entity and is categorized and owned as separate and individual.

Currently, we are embarking on an exciting, new venture: POCKET MAGIC’s DIGITAL LIVE-ACTION SOCCER VIDEO-GAME. Success is assured. 

DFC Intelligence, a video game and entertainment industry research firm, reported the global videogame market grew to 67 billion dollars ($67 billion) in 2012.  It is estimated that 82 billion dollars ($82 billion) will be spent internationally on video games by the year 2017. That is a conservative estimate.
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